About me

Bartłomiej Jakub Kwiatek

Master of Science in ICT, programmer, web developer, webmaster

My journey into computer programming started in 2003. At the beginning I was writing simple web pages in HTML and JavaScript. But quick acquaintance with PHP has changed my life. This language allowed me to develop quicker and create more useful web pages. I was also improving skills in JavaScript and CSS.

For several years I have been experimenting with CMS apps like PHPnuke or MediaWiki. After that I decided to write my own web application.

My knowledge was organized during the studies. I have learned the rules of software development, I got to know IT standards and programming languages (Assembler, C, C++, Java).

Now I have good knowledge of web development, both for desktop and mobile devices. I use latest PHP with Symfony (2 & 3) in back-end core and HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with several libraries like jQuery or Bootstrap for front-end view.

I am also interested in computer security and web development with regards to mobile technology. I read a lot of blogs such as Niebezpiecznik.pl, Sekurak.pl, Webdesignerdepot, Nettuts+, Smashing Magazine and Antyweb.